About Rosey’s Crystals

Peter Rosewarne retired at the end of 2014 as a Partner with the international natural resources consultancy SRK Consulting and resides in Cape Town, South Africa. His interest in minerals started at high school learning geology for “O” and “A” levels and continued at Kingston University, London, UK, where he obtained a BSc Honours degree in geology in 1974, majoring in mineralogy and igneous petrology.

He emigrated to South Africa in 1975 and continued a low level interest in minerals while branching out career-wise into the field of groundwater. The fully fledged collecting bug was triggered by the discovery of the wonders on display on internet mineral dealership sites in about 2007 and continued until 2018, leading to the establishment of the c.950-piece Rosey Collection. Favourites are garnet, tourmaline, dioptase, vanadinite, pyromorphite, wulfenite, fluorite and smithsonite, although the collection covers an eclectic range of assorted specimens from worldwide localities.

The collection has been reduced somewhat over the past few years by sales to established dealers such as Crystal Classics, Hummingbird Minerals, Fabre Minerals, John Betts Fine Minerals and The Mineral Gallery.  However, there are hundreds of good quality specimens, from miniatures to cabinet size, still awaiting a good home.  So please check-out the Specimens for Sale on the following pages.