Welcome to Rosey’s Crystals

Welcome to Rosey’s Crystals, a site for the discerning mineral specimen collector to pick up good and varied specimens from World-wide localities at very competitive prices. These specimens have been sourced from reputable dealers in the USA and Europe since 2007 and are now for sale as I downscale my collection prior to my wife and I downscaling our accommodation.

You will find crystal groups from many of the main collecting areas such as China, Pakistan, Mexico, Namibia, USA, Canada and Morocco and many classic mine sites such as Los Lamentos, Ojuela, Tsumeb, Jeffrey Mine, Mibladen, Bunker Hill Mine and Minerva #1 Mine.

Enjoy your browse through the site and I hope you find something that either you were looking for or catches your eye. The specimens shown are just a first batch out of hundreds of additional ones that will be regularly added to the site, so if you have a specific mineral you are looking for let me know, I might have an example that’s not yet been posted.

Mineral Specimens for Sale

Species collections also available, e.g. Fluorite (30), Dioptase (10), Wufenite (20), Tourmaline (16) and Garnet (20).
Details available on request.